System Check

You can configure it in Unity instead, as described in this video. In cases where using a shader with transparency leads to objects becoming translucent in OBS in an incorrect manner, setting the alpha blending operation to “Max” often helps. … Més info

Activating Windows on Instant Clones

In case these methods don’t work for you as well then there is another possible way that works 100% fine and is the stable method. This method required to have an activator so let me tell you some best activators … Més info

How to Fix Hard Drive Errors with CHKDSK

Once click here you’ve found the faulty peripheral device, you can replace it with a new one. For users looking for a way to recover unsaved files due to the error, Recoverit Data Recovery is highly recommended. The hassle-free recovery … Més info

Use an external camera with Mac

After you complete the steps, the older driver will be restored, allowing the camera to work again. If the webcam no longer works on your computer, use these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue on Windows 10 quickly. If the … Més info