How to take a screenshot on PC

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  • If I didn’t have a dedicated image editor, I would definitely use PicPick as I find its screenshot and driver solution editor tool to be among the best for free screenshot software.
  • Step 2) Your screen will go dim for a second to indicate that the utility is opened.
  • Fn + Spacebar can be used as a replacement of print screen button.
  • Instead, it is copied to your clipboard and, just like using only the PrtSc key alone, you’ll have to paste the image into a third-party app and save it from there.

Doing so causes the snapshot to appear as an image in OneNote. This works even in Windows XP, which does not have the snipping tool. On Windows, the default save location for photos and screenshots is the Pictures folder.

How to screenshot on Windows with Print Screen

And, if you’re too busy to read a top 7, you can watch our top 3 video below. Thought your edits were stuck on your image forever like with Microsoft Paint? Hover over an annotation to move it or delete it if you like. Sometimes, thinking INSIDE the box is a good thing. Draw a rectangle to throw a little attention at parts of the image. Press the Photo Camera to capture the selected region.


Finally, make sure you save your image inside your favorite location. To do so, you can either press Ctrl + S from your keyboard or you can also click the save icon. The only difference is, this method saves your screenshot as a file but the PrintScreen key method doesn’t. Also, this method allows you to capture screenshot in forms like Rectangular Snip, Freeform Snip, Window Snip, and Fullscreen Snip. Ahh ShareX, the one with the most options… It does everything from capturing the active window or the active monitor, to uploading your content to dozens of predefined sites. This open source screenshot app for Windows is perfectly suited for productivity while keeping things incredibly simple.

The game bar can help you record the screen in Windows 10.

So if I alt+tab back out and then back in it seems to fix it. Must have trouble resetting the mouse if I just click on the game. So basically, Construct 2 target aspect ratios, rather than a specific resolution, whereas Fusion seems to target a resolution. When you download fnaf two mod apk, you will find the FNAF 2 Mod APK file. You can also go to the Settings menu and press on the Game Settings tab. In the General tab, scroll down and press on the View mode option.

What is the keyboard shortcut in Windows 10 to take a screenshot?

We will discuss about the snipping which is pretty much similar to this method below. As we have mentioned above, there are also methods for taking the screenshot of the partial screen. If you want to take the screenshot the display screen of your Windows 10 PC and save it as file, then just press the “Windows + PrtScn” keyboard shortcut. A screenshot file will directly get saved in the Screenshot folder present in the “My computer” section. Just open the screen of which you want to take the screenshot and use the above keyboard shortcut to take the screenshot.